Welcome to Mako Tour

Now we are talking about touring…But what does touring mean and what do you expect from it? It is always something more than just being bewildered, something more than just discovering nature, it is a time for sharing something with someone else and that can lead you to some kind of amazement. It is as though these moments in your life could allow you to understand the others and also go deeper into your own mind and thoughts. Feeling like being part of another way of life or at least wanting to be part of it just because you can meet new friends.

Riding means that you will be living with horses, you will see the world around you from above and you will experience the means of conveyance used by man back in the old days. You will feel the warm breath of the pack-horse on your shoulder, you will follow the rhythm of his pace and when you stop for a while you will feel his forehead rubbing against your back. On the saddle you will enjoy a gallop. Feeling like being somewhere else, getting the impression that you are enjoying a freedom that has almost disappeared from our modern society. It is like coming back to life every second while riding. Is this the true meaning of the word happiness? Maybe it is.


It also means living in keeping with nature, all day long, trying to live in harmony with the others and with their culture, in order to understand at the end of the day that even if we belong to distant countries we are not that different from one another. Spending a night in a comfortable yurt or at a camp during a summer evening when you can see the shadows of our fellow-travelers, the rustle of unknown things under stars that you are looking at admiringly. A camp fire, traditional cuisine simmering while you are listening to the legends of a culture that seems to be far away and yet so near. Traditional songs and music – a few days far from the beaten track, far from the bustle and dirt of our big cities, far from watches and clocks.

Moments of silence that bring us nearer to real truth – a truth that can make man free beyond time and space.

If you are ready to share all that with us, please come for this is the kind of tour I would like you to enjoy.