Route 2

Khar Khorum – the ancient capital of Mongolia

Day 1.

Hotel check-in. Visit the Gandan Monastery, the national Buddhist religious center. Visit to a museum, traditional Mongolian music and dancing. Tour of Ulaanbaatar city center.

Day 2.

Leave Ulaanbaatar for Khogno Khan Mountains and camping at Tarnai river.

Day 3.

Explore the Khögnö Khan Mountains, Khadagt Khoshuu – a shaman ritual site and sand dunes of Elsen Tasarkhai. Possible riding of two humped/Bactrian camels.

Day 4.

Leave Elsen Tasarkhai for Khar Khorum - the ancient capital of Mongolia. Visit the Erdene Dzuu monestary founded by his Holiness the first Bogd Zanabazar - the spiritual leader and the head of state during the 17th century. Visit archeological sites.

Day 5.

Leave Khar Khorum for Shankh monastery, the only religion practicing monastery during the Kommunist suppression. Rare opportunity of enjoying artifacts of Bogd Zanabazar.


Leave Shankh monastery for Khujirt, a famous Yak breeding country. Stay with nomadic herders, explore their livelihood, traditions, animal herding and husbandry.

Day 8.

Tour of Orkhon river valley, water fall and horse trekking.

Day 9.

Leave Orkhon river valley for Tövkhön khan monastery at the mountain peak. Bogd Zanabazar’s meditation site.

Day 10.

Leave Tövkhön khan monastery for Khustai Mountains, where Przewalski's horses, the last surviving subspecies of wild horse were reintroduced since early 1990’s.

Day 11.

Leave Khustai mountains for Tsonjin Boldog. Lodging at the “Winter Palace of Chinggis Khaan” tourist camp.


Visit the biggest equestrian statue of Chinggis Khaan (claimed to hold the world record), archeological museum with rich exhibits of BC periods and hiking.

Day 14.

Leave Tsonjin Boldog for Ulaanbaatar. Tour of Ulaanbaatar: souvenir shopping, enjoy traditional Mongolian music and dancing performance and farewell dinner.

Day 15.

Arrive at the airport and depart Ulaanbaatar.